Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Americano news..

It's has been a while since my last post. I was out for a couple weeks.. with some flu...seems like they are getting stronger and stronger every year and its harder to fight againt them...finally I'm back on track !
First ! We got our first revue at Cleveland scene magazine http://www.clevescene.com/stories/15/79/our-little-secret
What a great feeling and pay off for all that hard work ! That just motivating us to work harder and for me, big input to be more creative about food and bring more people to americano to expiriance it.
Second ! Hopefully, our website will be up soon, we already got our dominion name...it will be americanocleveland.com Check on that soon ! I'm very exited about that !
This time of the year drives me crazy...this weather...maybe thats the sign of getting older, but lately I just can not take any of that snow and cold....and flu and everything what comes with it....exept Holliday Food...I love to cook Thanksgiving, Christmas and new years food....does not matter for fammily , friends, works...love all about it have couple good ideas how to kick it up this year, so once I'm ready and my ideas will become food on a table I will keep you post it !
Finall word on a Holliday rib roast , if somebody wants to impress fammily and friends. After cooking several weeks in a row at Americano, final decision and aswer on a prime rib is DRY AGING. Dry aging always has been a mistery for me...controled huminity and temperature...but simple quick aging is easy...two or threee days will do a trick and big differencne in your meat. Just simply be sure that your fridge is clean and dry. Place roast on a rack, simply dry it with a paper towels. Keep termometer inside for temperature control and make sure temperature of your fridge is between 36 and 39 degrees. Fan for air sirculation would be a good idea, but if you will keep your roast in that part of refrigarator where air is coming inside , that should do a trick. Two ...three days...and your roast willl loose some moisture concentrating beefee flavor and natural backtaria inside will start doing the trick denderizing and improving the flavor.....just like yougurt...or cheese..or sour kraut ...good backteria ...mot bad...after couple days you should notice darker ...deeper color change..of thats a case its succes...NO GRAY PARTS SHOULD BE APEAR...thats a sign of bad backteria taking over...those parts should be removed and aging should be stoped !!!
Alterelnatvly, who does nor want to go through this proces....roast can be simple salted and peppered the day before roasting...it's not the same...but better than salting right before goes in a oven... Good salt is crutual, I use only sea salt or Kosher salt ! Every bran in deferent so, choose the one you like it !Make sure roast slowlly ...220-275 degrees for about 4-5 hours( at restaurant we do 175-200)...until will reach 128-133 internal temperature...let it rest for at least 45 minutes...and you will get a lots of wow from the people you serve...if you want to serve with horseradish make sure buy fresh root from supermarket and grind it your self...what a difference....its easy ...it can go after it's pelled in a food procesor or blender with some vinegar and salt...and procecesd until smooth ! Happy Cooking ! No More bad rib roast this year for christmas !
God , I love to cook !
P.s Congrats to my lovely wife...she pass ohio bar andafter yeasterday giving pledge in Columbus, finally become a legal State of Ohio Lawer ! Wow !