Wednesday, September 29, 2010

great wine, great food , great people !

I must say , when it comes to food and wine Italian theme is always my first choice . It was a lot of work , but worth it every single minute of it. There is something about cooking for people who enjoys and appreciates good wine pairing and having good time. I was very happy with food coming out of Americano kitchen. Iwas way too busy take picktures usual .. but here are few of them !!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Very exiting Tuscan wine dinner at Americano

Monday, September 27 we are going to have Giancarlo Guariere of the Lanciola winery at Americano.

He is a professional chef who trained under Ferran Adria at El Bulli (one of the most famous restaurants and chefs in the world). His family owns the Lanciola Winery in Tuscany, wines which Giancarlo sells as he travels the globe. Giancarlo also operates a restaurant with a 600 bottle wine list in Florence

Wine Moturra Orvieto (Umbria) – An organic white with that is crisp, delicate and lingering, the producer is a friend of Giancarlo.

Goat cheese and tomato bruschetta

Wine Villa Calcinia “Comitale” (Tuscany) – a fuller bodied, richer white blended using Vernaccia and Grechetto grapes. Comitale means “from the Count”, a new release from Count Sebastiano Capone from Villa Calcinia, another friend of Giancarlo.

Arugula salad with market fresh fruit and spiced walnuts

WineLanciola Chianti Fiorentini 2006 (Tuscany) – A Chianti from the Fiorentini region (one of the seven districts of Chianti) with a lovely red hue, ripe red fruits and hints of chocolate, spices and minerals.

Ribiolita, tusan white bean stew with pancetta , tomatoes and leafy greens

WineLanciola Chianti Riserva “Le Massa de Greve” 2004 (Tuscany) - From the heart and original region of Chianti, a red with an intense ruby hue with spicy red fruit, medium structure and a persistent finish.

Local Butternut squash and Anson Mills Carolian Gold Rice Risotto and seared diver scallop, fresh bacon, Chianti syrup

WineLanciola “Terrice” (Tuscany) – A “Super Tuscan” blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc with intense color, a full and complex bouquet of oak, vanilla and hints of cinnamon with a rich and silky texture and long finish.

Grilled Long Bone pork chop with garlic ,rosemery and sage , Anson Mills Blue corn polenta, spinach

To Finish !

Shaved Pecorino Toscano with fresh fruit !
I'm very exited , please join us to meat a master and taste pair from haven. Simple rustic italian foods , with local ingredients to ma a wines shine !!!
Love to cook !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dream Kitchen ...Finally happy !!!

Years ago...since I came to US and back when I was dating my wife, since we lived in small apartments and rentals, from the first house....finally I'm happy ...we just moved in in our new house where I have my dream kitchen . Kitchen I was dreaming to cook in and give me future inspirations to create my new food concoctions. I don't have my Tuscan wood burning oven for pizza in a inside , but oh well , it just came in all the way from california and already resting in my back yard waiting for the first Neapolitan pizza party. Oven curing process sux , takes 5-6 days ..who can wait that long...I want my pizza right now ! well... I waited very long time for this, so I thing I can wait just couple more days longer ! don't worry , pizza and it's pictures coming up soon.....
Once again....I really hope so that my new surroundings will inspire me for new creations , the once I can explore at my restaurant and share with all of you. Please Stay monday we have verry exiting tuscan wine dinner coming up at Americano....where famous wine maker and chef from Italy will enter my kitchen ...and all of you will be able to taste 5 wines with 5 food pairings... by the way this guy worked at super famous Al bulli in Spain, on of the best...or many people would say the best restaurant in a world I'm nervous too...

Final thoughts ......set is wife, kids, dog, wood burning oven and the kitchen ! Finally Happy ! It took only 36 years ! Life is Good !
Love to cook !