Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good food and beer is Brewing !

I must Say, before I discovered world of wines , thats all I was drinking, was beer, good beer. After I left old country,about 15 years ago, good beer was quite difficult to find here. And please, Im not talking here about forced over carbonated american very popular beverage the ones give you hiccups and headache for two days. I'm talking about small production artisan craft beers here .
Seems like in a past couple of years american craft beer brewing became very popular and I was just blowed away with some results. I Found my self more and more buying and tasting, discovering new craft american and old school european beers. I must say , like with wines I personally prefer european beers and wines over american . But its just me. I grow up tasting and even as kid sipping from my parents some good chech , german, belgium of coz Lithuanian brews. But I Should give American micro brews big credit. Because all these europeans who come visit us and pushing reputation , that we don't have a good beer and drinking just miller and budwaiser , should be smacked in a face...:) maybe not !!! Now I can proudly say that We have very good beers around here, all these microbrews just popping up like mushrooms after the rain ( very rapidly )
Couple of Years ago I met Ken Belou, amazing brew master who studied his craft in Germany in one of the oldest breweries in the wold , weihenstephanen , at that time he was brew master at Bells in MI Kalamazoo . With a lot of help we created an amazing beer dinner. He got the beer , I got the food. You know...It was a Killer. After tasting couple his creations like Bell's sour Mi cherry stout, and one of my fav Two Hearted Ales ..I was hooked into a beer again...If you passionate about the beer and like good food , you can not miss this dinner at Americano Monday night. Seven courses of good food , kind of food , I would like to eat with my beer, will be paired, plus some of the latest Ken's creations, all the anwers about the beer ....home brewing etc. Monday night can't miss that, I'm very exited . Check out Americano website for menu, under events !
Love to cook with good beer !!