Thursday, December 18, 2008

americano website and Truffles

Well,finally Americano website is finally upand running....
Besides the meatloaf picture and my smiling face ...I thinks looks really good !!!:))Folks from Unity Design did really good job ! Thanks !
This month is probably one the busiest months of the years for any restaurant with private Christmas events and parties . By the way, at the end of this month I'm bringing domestic black and white truffles , the ones are about three or four times cheaper , than their european cousins. By the way our new years day evening menu will be based of black and white truffle tasting , 5 corse meal. Domestic oregon truffles I thing is just as tasty and uneic can experience  wonderful l truffle flavor and aroma without paying ridiculous 1200 euro a kilo.. I don't know why so meny american chefs stuck to european truffles....first as a any fungus it goes bad very quick andl looses is wonderful aroma...second  because they are so expensive, people are very conservative about them...there is nothing worse when you go to the restaurant and paying money for some dish and expecting to find see or smell truffle aroma and flavor and it's not there...big disapoitmen please when you say truffled this or that I wannna see o r smell ,or taste, or better all above..
ahh..did mentioned that canned truffles suck..they freezz well for a couple weeks...or can be preserved in butter..but never belong in a can..
love to cook with truffles
happy holiday to every one !