Thursday, September 24, 2009


We are carefully selecting our wines for Americano wine lists. As I mature, I learn more and more new things about a wine and food paring. And I'm proudly can say , that my pallet for wine gets more and more mature..I feel it -))....even the rule of thumb is ...You should drink what you like and can afford . Wine, like food....taste ... opinions ... Sometimes I'm exited to taste high profile wines and see what are they like..sometimes I like them a lot...Sometimes just ok...Sometimes... Are you kidding ...! Why this bottle is 80$...just because they made only #### cases last year..Why would I care How many cases they made... Just because I would fit in that group who taste it ?? I do not care how many cases they made...I care abou the TASTE ! and PRICE ! Anyways...last night we taste it some really nice Italian wines...they were delicious ...special Amarone ! Of course! Remember ..drink what you like...taste...and have your own opinion..try develop your pallet....all these revews and "experts" in's just ......OPINION !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Duck Duck Duck

I must say , I don't go out to eat to often right know as a use to. But 90% of the time if I do, my choice of meat always is is ether duck or lamb. I don't think I ever ordered chicken or steak... unless there is something very special wit that chicken or steak Americano we don't sell that much duck, but every person who gets it really likes it... Few people said that this Duck dish is even better that Lolas version ...and other guy said or no better that at Emerils too.. .and he was not kidding. Well , thats all I can say, his is duck dish, which I certainly would enjoy at any restaurant if I would go out to eat and ordered it. Long Island Duck braest , orange- five spice scented crepe, sweet parsnips, sour cherry compote and confit croquette . A lot going on, but everything blends well together. Flavors ...ypu can't go wrong with Duck.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pizza for brakfast

I must say...and you will not believe..PIZZA is one the top 3 most difficult foods to with any other classic simple foods. Technique, ingridiance and know how matters . That explants, why there are so many bad Pizzas out there many ! I'm so scared to see one the Emails on my Iphone..PAPAJOHNSSERVICE@blablabla ....that means I have one of those coming to my house. My wife is "making dinner ".......
Pizza is about simplicity,'s not about saparated greese from cheese and sausage and fluffy crust enriched with shortening and bromate bleached flour. I have been tryng to perfeckt my pizza since I was 16 years old ..was trying to impress my girlfriend by putting ketchup, dutch cheese and sliced hot dogs..:-) Acktualy back then I new that I like to cook and after talking to my friend who was in a cullinary school and gave me pizza crust recipe, I new that I can do better then that in a future ! wow ! Things got changed since...and I'm still trying to perfect my pizza 20 years later . This morning I made couple of pies for my wife and kids...and even tested couple of peaces for breakfast ...just to make sure things are made right. What can I say...! Yamm! Nam !
Love to cook !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My new favorite waleye dish

Lake Erie Walleye with Ohio Summer Vegetable Succotash ! Oh...fresh lima beans too !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

some food pix from americano

Australian Lamb Chops with port fig glaze, chick pea fries, Spanish kethup,Orange- Habanero Aioli, baby Fennel. Americano Pork n wine plum glaze...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is coming pandowdy

September 1st will always reminds me first day of school.....and of course all fall goods...from apples and pears squash and potatoes..etc. I was in a mood for something fall" " Lazy apple Pie "..there crisps...cobblers..pies and there is Pandowdy. I call it lazy pie...because is so easy, you start everything in a pan and just put pie dough sheet and finish it in a oven for 20 minutes.


Once you taste the real know it that, thats how real fresh wasabi should taste...formany years you are been eating ...bad...bad...from wasabi peas bad...bad bad wasabi mashed potatoes..sushi....made from colored powder...from now on..thats the one and the only of wasabi form... for me... fresh or even frozen. Do you know that you can even buy a plants and grow it at home...???