Friday, January 15, 2010

playing with vegan sandwiches

Can you imagine sandwich with no bacon or cheese ...ham etc. well...this one I did not miss any of those, its magnificent ..great combo eggplant and avokado...broiled eggplant with curry, fresh red Chile and scallion toasted 100% whole wheat and smasheda avocado....finished with EVOO and aged balsamic ! And for dessert broiled banana with flaxseed almond Jelly needed...finished with ! wife's Birthday is coming up soon...what I'm Going to do about Vegan dessert...?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

hot fusion soup

Hot fusion soup. You put herbs, spices , chiles and other ingredients in a pour hot broth let it sit for a minute and you have healthy delicious soup. In this case, it happened to be miso broth over , soba noodle, with slices mushroom, chille, cilantro, green onion, bean sprouts...I made Kombu ( seawead ) dashi using Moromotos technique leting soak over night, them two diferent misso white shirro miso and othe red....hmmm...good and good for you ! Speacialy like me on a vegan diet...:)...well one week down ...three to go !
Love to cook, even vegan :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vegan Chili

Vegan chili..something, I don't make on a regular basis, but it can be good if its made right. oh and I found perfect place for Tempeh.....garbage or....blender...This shilli made with yellow split peas, ancho, pasilla, canella. mexican cinnamon, eggplant, mushrooms and red beans and then garnished with avocado, radishes and fresh cilantro ...and spiced with hot sauce and splash of apple cider's not bad at all ! Oh and tempeh it has been blended in Vita prep with tomatoes and chilis to give some extra body. Not bad at all !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new hopes resolutions

New years dinner at Americano was a big success, then we were closed for a couple of days, it was nice to spent some time with a family and kids. Today is time to go back to a real life....make sauces...stocks dressings...figure new is hard to get some fresh inspiration, when outside is know..! I also would like to share something....that all of our familly going to do VEGAN diet for 30 days ...and I'm one of them too..ooops ! I do not believe in vegan or vegeterian diet at all...but for some people it is necessary to loose bad food habits...I o not where come from and what do you think, but whole fresh food diet everything in a normal size portion is the way to go...I do not support fast and process food well as junk foods...hydrogenated fats, Hight Fr. corn syrup...etc....and they are all hiding in store bought cookies, brownies, candies, ice creams ..even breads...or and there is pop.... or don' get me started.
The reason I go vegan for 30 days, just to show it is can be done....and vegan food can be delicious healthy and creative.
In a past I have seen people called them self vegetarians who ..pounds, cookies, candies, fast food cheese pizzas...fat free ice creams...salad dressings..etc. I called that wrong...
So vegan it delisious pork bely or some fresh fish, shrimp, my pizza and cappuccinos for me for 30 days..:)
Heres few food pix from Americano new years ev.
Beef Wellington with Oregon winter truffle sauce, parsnip puree, asparagus and bernaise
Horseradish spiked bloddy merry shrimp a M. B .
Scallops, parsnip purre, Asparagus, and Dortmunder- Molases Glazed pork Belly
Lobster Bisque, with coconut - champagne foam and lobster Bouletts !
Love to cook even vegan ! Wish all of you good happy new year and healthy good eating !