Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello America...you are all doing wrong for years...oodles of noodles !!!

I never experienced American collage life and my food history is not that full of Ramen or Spaghetti with Ragu ...!! After Reading famous Momofuku book I really wanted to try the real deal Ramen and pork buns. I was so glad I did, because after soooo much work ...yeas even for me with shopping and cooking in my home kitchen it took whole day. Oh well its a labor of love. But it was so much worth it . It was real true comforting food I love, but which I have never experienced before. Steamed asian buns, with slow roast pork shoulder , rich broth made with aromatic spices , beef bones, chicken and pork neck bones...noodles condiments ..pickles...was so good I should do this more often. Inspiration came from Momofuku book...but I did everything my way...Radish Kim Chi ...scallion ginger sauce..asian fresh cucumber pickles..pork buns with fat skimmed from the broth..only thing I did not make was a noodles, I picked those up from local Asian store...glad I did ! But Will try to make those in a future for sure.
I assembled ramen with roasted pork shoulder which was braised with some orange juice, ginger, star anise, coriander, until tender and pulled ( I used same meat for pork buns as well )
pulled chicken, bamboo shoots, swiss chard, tofu, shitakie mushrooms and egg. I was haven in a bowl, sliding down with some nice wine and toped with porky bun, slathered with hoisin and radish and cuc pickles. Sorry too bad ...no fully assebled pork bun pix...was in a big hurry to eat them...and had no time for pickure taking . I will , in a future, promise !
Love to cook and eat good ramen and pork buns !
P.s. I heard in Clevelend we are going to have Ramen and pork bun shop...looking forward to that !