Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy new year to every one

Happy new year to every one ! Please check on our latest review at cleveland magazine.
All holidays are finally over, and I'm looking forward creating and serving new dishes at Americano. Over the holidays Iv got a new toy...I that thing. As well purchased couple cook books ALINEA and UNDER PRESSURE, very nice , still have get more in to it, and study little bit more about latest approach on a molecular gastronomy and sous vide cooking.It actually finally helped me do my one hour eggs. After reading other peoples and chefs blogs finnally found an anwser in Thomas Keller under preasure cook book...145.5 F water bathis the right answer..for one hour...and you have a perfect white and yolk...I will be using those for multiple dishes where egg is required ...talking about carbonara's, updated versions for hollandaise, asparagus salads, salmon dishes, even soups...etc.
My old time favorite AC/DC in town toninght.....looking forward to some serious old fation  "KENGOOROO ROCK " ..didIsay that when I was 16een...I ve had a leather jacket with a AC/DC sign on a back ???