Wednesday, December 16, 2009

perfeckt cold weather dish

Short ribs stroganoff, winter root vegetables, poppy seed ricotta gnocchi, and mustard creme fraiche.
When I was growing up every week mom would make..salsbury steak, hot borsht and beef stroganoff ...sometimes goulash..perfect dishes to feed family all week long and easy to re-heat. A home all my braising I do in a pressure takes only and hour and 20 min or so.....preassure cooker is an amazing tool that every household should have.
At restaurant to make short ribs is 3 day process. We cut the meat , we salt and rub with goulash spices ( paprika, marjoram and caraway ) for 24 hours, then we braise in 160 degree oven for another 24 hours, then we chill and de fat...and then is only ready for service. We serve with local ricotta gnocchi, which we make with poppy seeds and winter root vegetables.

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