Monday, March 7, 2011

returning to classics !!

Winter depression ??? I have to say this is the most miserable time of the matter which way you will look...when it comes to food...mood..flu or driving..!! Thank god is almost over !
Was really nice to get inspired and cook some classics at home for a family best eve quiche and classic beef Bourguingnon, which I cheated and cooked in a pressure cooker. It has been a long time when I was so pleased with output . Takes time, passion and being patient is a key. Secret of good braise...season your meat ahead of time...and dont over do with a braising liquid.
When it comes ti quiche...oh my good ...why we dont make them to aften....and why we make bad ones...First Quiche is not overcooked eggs in a grocery store pie shell. Classic french quiche is a savory custard with some type of filling, which in my case was mushrooms, asparagus, onions and local smoked bacon. It is sooooo good that I have no words to describe ...imagine savory creme brule type a texture with earthy mushrooms...sweet onions , freshness asparagus and smoky !
Beef Bourgingion , not the best I ever tasted ...but the best I ever made too... I have to say there is something really satisfying to make beef and red wine stew on a day of , pour bottle of wine in a pot...brown the meat and sip glass of wine...while you wait until your stew is ready...! wow..I really need inspiration lately and this was a good one to give me a push forward my culinary creations ! Returning to classics !! Also perfect way way to be inspired for amazing todays french wine dinner we doing at Americano this evening !
Love to cook classics, specially when they turn out that good, makes me think....there is a reason that they are classics and we should re- visit them more often !

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Jurga said...

Na, galų gale sulaukiau naujo įrašo :)