Friday, October 17, 2008

.. good food with bad reputation

Here at Americano I really wanted to do a one of american popular classics rib roast " prime rib"...first, it can be never called prime rib if beef is grated by USDA different then as a prime...but anyways...its such a good succulent dish if it's made right, even from USDA choice. I Like Certified Black angus cab. Problem  is, has very bad reputation from wedding reception, new year dinners...etc. 
 To make it right, first, you have to choose a right beef. Second thing is,  I want it to concentrate a flavor a little, so I dry aged it for a couple days , then you have to roast it very slowly to let the fat melt inside of the meat slowly make it juicy and flavorful. Like with a any kind of well marbled beef. Thats why I do not believe in steaks served rare, because has to be just enough heat applied inside of the meat melt that fat. I think Ideally you would want to roast meat slowly at a temperature you would want to reach, but at a restaurant we do at 220 - 210 degrees an then , after it's reaching desired medium-medium rare inside temperature, we lowing down to 130-140 to hold it. I season the meat the day before, then before i roast I apply wet rub. Result is juicy delicious beef roast I wanna eat and serve to people who appreciate it.
Now, just all I have to do is just put a chefs twist for our concept, one of the most delicious forgotten French classics is potatos dauphine, I brought those back and put it with a our rib roast, then British Yorkshire pudding ...or more well known as a popovers in this country, with a compound butter ...little classic horseradish drizzle with some natural jus and some seasonal fresh veg ...and we have and we have " Saved" ..updated...Americano Prime rib roast with a Popovers and almond honey butter, potatoes dauphine, drizzle of horseradish and natural jus..served also with seasonal veg...thats whats cooking to day my friends...wish me luck!!!
God! I Love to cook !


NEOcreativegenius said...

I'm a vegetarian, and your description of how to prepare and serve prime rib is even appealing to me!

My ex-boyfriend loves prime rib, and he's had both excellent and not-so-excellent experiences with it. Like any other cooking, starting with good materials is key, and so is proper preparation

vytauras chef v said...

...Im doing several researches and experiments on rib roast... and after I'm done, I will share the best results on "Prime rib "...rib roast is one of those many simple good foods... if you use right technique and ingredients it's the simply delicious...

SkyeLarae's said...

Hey Chef V! You were one of my instructors at ICASI in 2004. Great to see that you are doing well! I will try to make it out to Americano some time this holiday season! Good luck and congrats on the success! Chef Eric Wells-Skye LaRae's Culinary Services