Friday, October 10, 2008

Soul of the Chef

I think it's weird how some times my brine just functioning about cooking. I always have so many ideas and so many different food combinations and flavors i want to try. As a day goes by I get inspired by so many different thinks, specially when I go shopping for food...I know thats a time waste..but there is something when you select thinks your self with your eyes and already have a an idea what you going to do with them before even they are and it on your counter top. One thing for sure I dont get inspired by company's send weekly " whats fresh " fax...only thing I see is paper and black letters..
I like to play with food every day and look forward to cook it, even on my day off at home. It's shocking how some times I wake up in a middle of the night just for minute to fix my pillow or blanket and that one minute I remembering ...for example that sour dough starter or some thing like is it fermenting ???;)
As it gets towards end of the week my body always gets more and more tire from intensity and heat of the kitchen, but today Im verry exited because , I.m going to try some thing what I always wanted to try long time ago....if it will be suxxes I will describe it next week in details..
In a all I have to say...for some reason ...I just love.....
Love to cook!!

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