Friday, August 28, 2009

Kobe with fresh wasabi root Butter!

Look at that marbling. This was one the best steaks I ever tasted ..very very good ! Somebody at the restaurant ordered this steak rare... ( Why people eat rare...they think they cool ?? or healthy ?? or like the texture ) was that is too chewy and fatty :)))) Lady...Pleeeaaas...beuty about this type of meat is marbling in a inside...which you have to melted to make it juicy, tender succulent and delicious . Medium to med rare is an answer. ive seen people serving carpachio of kobe..mmmmm... dumb idea...YOU HAVE TO MELT THAT FAT INSIDE .. by the way waguy breed is way helthiear than any other, because of the combination of omega 3 and 6..yes my friends omega 3 in steak ! Yam ! Americano Wagyu Kobe strip with fresh Wasabi root butter.. This is the best seller at the moment at Americano and lots of people gave compliments that that was the best peace of meat that they ever taste it !
Love to COOK !

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