Tuesday, June 8, 2010

making pasta

Sometime , when I feel " empty " in a inside, and I need more influence in cooking , I like to make something simple and satisfying . Making pasta may seem like a lot of work, but its really satisfying process for people who likes simply fresh delicious food. At Americano we just made really simply delicious Ravioli to represent this time of the year. Local fresh ricotta, sweet peas pure, mint and chopped spinach. Amazing. When I make fresh pasta I like to use equal amounts whole eggs and egg yolks, touch of milk, white whine and dash of vinegar, food processor until comes together and ready to go. Here is my secret for good pasta, step which you will never find in a italian books...have room temperature eggs..for a better flour absorption ....is very important , I just like to speed up the process by filling warm tap water and add eggs ti it until gets little warm. Or...and I use equal amounts AP and bread flour and I like King Arthurs, for all my flour needs the best . Love to make , eat and serve pasta, specially with a glass of Chianti !


Justina said...

Gal ponas Vytauras išduotų, kas ten per žzalias įdaras ravioliuose? :) Dėkui :)

vytauras chef v said...

Visai ne paslaptis..man patinka eksperimentuoti su visokiais ivairaus skonio idarais. Labai svarbu , kad idaras tureti stipru skoni....sumalti sviezi zirneliai su metom, rikota suris ir kapoti shpinatai !