Friday, May 21, 2010

cook with no cooking spirit ....

Lots of thing lately going on in my house has been sold and been upside down lately, I'm geting ready to move ....fixing city violations ....trying keep up with restaurant..private party events....very little time for a family and kids.
Sure I can put something together at a restaurant to serve...and it it will taste good and look nice...I can make something tasty at home and eat just to keep me a life....but that will not satisfy passionate cooks need exposure to a real life ... start being creative again...go see the markets...other restaurants and chefs... cook for friends and fanilly on weekends...( one of my favorite things to dooo)....not just go in a rush from one place to another every day and worried that you will forget some thing or you not going to get it done in time. I know , this is what you call life...I just can not wait until it slows down a bit ...lots of exiting thing are coming...we probably will build our dream house for our familly...including my dream kitchen....and wood burning oven for pizza ?? summer is around the corner!...moving this weekend ...have lots of work to do...know Im craving my paella with glass of rioja....I will get to that in a couple of weeks ...I hope ! I just dont wannna be one of those beat up chefs ...who eats McDonalds s or Taco Bell at midnight in a car anymore...
Love to cook !

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