Friday, June 10, 2011

Man and Fire

I don't know, there is some thing about cooking with a live fire. It's fun, satisfying , but not easy. It's not like you can turn the knob and bump up the heat higher or lower . Fire management takes lots of practice and experience ... doesn't matter wood fired oven ...BBQ ...or even grill. My Dream came true just last fall, for many many years , I was having a dream to own wood fired oven in my kitchen or back yard. Last year mans dream became reality. Forno bravo wood fired pizza oven came to my back yard patio, it took a fork lift to get on it. Reward, good company , pizzas, roasted meats, fish, breads I even roasted whole turkey in it...fantastic. Not trying to be funny or sarcastic...but best pizza in Cle is in my back yard. Sorry, Crostadas !!! ( where I thing only one acceptable pizza in city of Cleveland is )
I'm going keep practicing and maybe even one day my other dream will come true and will have a restaurant with a wood fired oven where I can serve that type of food. We shall see !! Love to cook, with live fire !

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Egle said...

oooo... sveikinu įgyvendinus svajonę! duona, kepta krosnyje, yra kažkas nepakartojamo..