Monday, August 8, 2011

Ice Cream Obsession !!!

I must say when it comes time to have something sweet, I would rather have some kind of good artisan cheese with port or Vin Santo...or after dinner Cocktail ..or even skip the dessert and do some type of cured meats with fruit mustard and bread... anyways... But once in a while I do make or have a dessert, but it has to be worth it. Has to be small , balanced and quality. Why would people want those big overloaded ...over floated cups or bowls full of crap and more reduced fat or calorie crap...and toped with bagged or cool whipped goodeness..with plastic cherry on top ..!!!
But lately I developed habit taking my kids to Jenie's ice cream chop in Chagrin Falls. I appreciate that place uses all natural local ohio ingredients, organic milk and cream and I don't have to be questioning whats in my Ice cream ?? Last week Jenie's Ice cream recipe base caught my eye in latest Saveour magazine.
Since I own three ice cream makers I could not resist not to try it. I really liked the idea of using cream cheese in it too. Also in a past I ve made only egg yolk based Ice creams, i goes you can call those frozen custards , right ?? gelato normally has higher egg yolk content , and less milk fat. And ICE CREAM...should not have any eggs in it...the name says it ..
so I churn one batch Jenies recepie ( i just do not use corn syrup in my cooking, so used honey instead ) based ice cream using local organic milk and cream, simply infused it with fresh, spare mint from my garden, chopped some bananas and chocolate chic chip banana ice cream was really one of the kids favorite...only one complaint was that it was not green ..! Even it was good I had to do some adjustment for my ice cream maker about the texture... second flavor
was.... I started with Sugar caramel, 50/ 50 milk, crew, some cream cheese, thickened with corn starch, some chopped Velrohna chocolate , little espresso, pinch of salt, cayenne, cinnamon , dutch coco powder, vanilla bean....chill ....churn .....oh MY GOD ...not the best I ever made it...but the best I ever tasted...see. when I eat things like ice cream, not only flavor maters , but the texture as well. has to be creamy, temperature just right, silky smooth with balanced flavor and nice long finish..well thats ice cream my friends !!! And for jennies, only one com pain I have, that they do not churn their stuff in a house and getting delivered from columbus...because I do not like those ice crystals in my ice cream ...also maybe goat cheese and corn sounds good ...but does nit taste good in ice cream ..sorry ..I'm too traditional..

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dAivA said...

guess you wouldn't eat in my ice cream shop!