Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Couple food shots from private tasting last weekend !!

We started with bacon wrapped dates stuffed w smoked gouda over romesco and shot of local tomato and watermelon gazpacho.
MLT salad( mozz lettuce tomato) w fresh bacon, burrata, basil , EVOO, balsamic.
Local ricotta and corn ravioli, shaved domestic truffle, 1 hour egg !
Gently cooked wild Sockye salmon, over scallop carpachio, kafir lime curry coconut broth, red wine couscous - caper salad.
All American beef Duo, 48 hour root beer short rib and grilled sirloin , parsnip puree, green bean casserole, tat or tots, home made ketchup.
Cheese corse, red wine pouched apple, cherries , bisquit , chevre .
Caramel Esspreso creme brulle ...bruleed california fig !
Love to cook !

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