Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For the first time I ate at Americano dining room as guest with my friends from Lithuania Mindaugu and Deniza and my wife on saturday, after the nights rush... and I must say.... not because this is my restaurant... food taste it way better with all dining experience in a dinning room and eating one corse after another...that it tasted in a kitchen when I was testing recipes ...over all..in a past week and a half we visited Toronto's one of the best chefs restaurant SUSUR LEE"S " Susur"...and some Clevelands restaurants...and had several not very good meals...to dine at Americano was the right choice.... and we all agreed that was one the best meals lately we had9 in a restaurants...outside of my house : )) ...oh and Cole's selected wines were perfect match to all of our meals...that Chianti Classico was one of the best I ever taste it ...we had Clay pot oysters Rockafeller...Americano crabcakes, Mindaugas had espresso rubed hanger, Deniza Grilled Tuna Salad, I was in a mood for fish ...had a Walleye ...and my wife ravioli...dessert Billys peanut butter chocolate and marshmallow was a favorite ( good job Billy !) ....and clasic Vanilla beam creme brule..

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