Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First year and staff

Well, it has been a year for us like Americano first opened the door to a public. Happy anniversary to us...:-) 
I was thinking the other day....that I was blessed to have a good staff at a restaurants....I have been in a few kitchens in past, and must say we are lucky to have all those guys at americano working hard and trying to make better dining experience to all our gusts. Thank you ! There are some good ...ok...excellent ...and bad days...it's work...it's buisnis...at work we spend so much time...we see each other more than our family members and it means a lot when you work with good people who cares what they do. I has been a good first year and i hope for better in a future...

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George Nemeth said...

Congrats on yr first year!