Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Duck Duck Duck

I must say , I don't go out to eat to often right know as a use to. But 90% of the time if I do, my choice of meat always is is ether duck or lamb. I don't think I ever ordered chicken or steak... unless there is something very special wit that chicken or steak ..at Americano we don't sell that much duck, but every person who gets it really likes it... Few people said that this Duck dish is even better that Lolas version ...and other guy said or no ...is better that at Emerils too.. .and he was not kidding. Well , thats all I can say, his is duck dish, which I certainly would enjoy at any restaurant if I would go out to eat and ordered it. Long Island Duck braest , orange- five spice scented crepe, sweet parsnips, sour cherry compote and confit croquette . A lot going on, but everything blends well together. Flavors ...ypu can't go wrong with Duck.

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