Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pizza for brakfast

I must say...and you will not believe..PIZZA is one the top 3 most difficult foods to with any other classic simple foods. Technique, ingridiance and know how matters . That explants, why there are so many bad Pizzas out there many ! I'm so scared to see one the Emails on my Iphone..PAPAJOHNSSERVICE@blablabla ....that means I have one of those coming to my house. My wife is "making dinner ".......
Pizza is about simplicity,'s not about saparated greese from cheese and sausage and fluffy crust enriched with shortening and bromate bleached flour. I have been tryng to perfeckt my pizza since I was 16 years old ..was trying to impress my girlfriend by putting ketchup, dutch cheese and sliced hot dogs..:-) Acktualy back then I new that I like to cook and after talking to my friend who was in a cullinary school and gave me pizza crust recipe, I new that I can do better then that in a future ! wow ! Things got changed since...and I'm still trying to perfect my pizza 20 years later . This morning I made couple of pies for my wife and kids...and even tested couple of peaces for breakfast ...just to make sure things are made right. What can I say...! Yamm! Nam !
Love to cook !

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