Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Villa Calcinaia Wine Event

We had very special guest at Americano last night, Sebastiano Capponi, wine maker from Tuscany, Villa Calcinaia. He offers one the best chianti wines I ever tasted. We made very nice simple food to go well with those wine, simple food , dressed really simple. I was also very impressed with my oil cured st marzano tomatoes...they were just as good as tomatoes can get in this time of the year...not to crazy about Grande mozzarella curd....I have to say Micceli's does a better job on that...or maybe that was freshness...normally with mozz...fresher...the better...
Ravioli, with rainbow swiss chard and Micellis old fashion ricotta, very good ...not to many ravioli with riccota filling just tast like ...simple sweet ...lactose...ricotta ... tomato soup made with D.O.P. st . marzano tomatoes and Prosciuto di Parma broth ..and stewed Mozz...
Daisifield farm from Sundusky stuffed pork loin with chard , fresh pork sausage...white beans , braised with house made pancetta ... and simple Tirramisu to finish the meal... I know that he makes killer Chianti ....but what I was blown away is ...dessert wine.... Vin Santo...was soooo good ! So good ! I think I just found my favorite dessert , Im not dessert person, but give me this Vin santo at he end of the any meal , and that would be the best ...perfect dessert to me on it's own. Bravo !!!

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Tim said...

This was a fantastic dinner! Thank you so much for cooking food that made the wines shine.