Wednesday, April 15, 2009


There is nothing like good coffee in a morning , and all our family mornings starts with it. For years I was trying to perfect my morning beverage daily. The answer was, if you want a good coffee ...freshly roasted good quality beans, good grinder...and of course good espresso machine...all three of those components makes a good morning beverage ..and let me repeat once again all can not skip the grinder...or fresh beans...actualy you can make better coffee with fresh beans and good grinder and cheaper espresso machine ...then expensive machine and old beans ( or starbucks beans :-)) or pre-grind beans ??? I roast my own beans weekly and enjoy  with my wife this lovely beverage every morning brewed with Rancillio Silvia and Coffe grind with My Rocky Griner...ah...and I get my beans at ... defiantly the best place to get raw beans on the internet. One more thing...machine...grinder..does not make coffee for you...Barista...Espresso Machine operator and good Know How does it !

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