Friday, April 10, 2009

Scallops and Borscht

Being from Lithuania I grow up eating beets evry week...pickled name it...most popular soup of course was Lithuanian Borscht ( do not confuse with Russian or ukrainian borsch) ...every familly has it's own recipe...ours was was with ham or brisket, beets, onions and dried porcini...oh...and sour cream of that soup!! There chilled version of that soup too... I still make verry offten at home...chilled version in a summer and hot in a of my fammilys favorite....My gourmet play of theese flavors arte scallops at Americano...Made with Anson Mills Herloom Carolina gold  Rissoto with red beets and red wine, Scallops, goat cheese , Walnuts, pomogranate port reducktion, rosmerry oil and pickled red and yellow beets..

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