Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week my in Laws are out of town for vacation , so me and my wife sharing more parenting duties during the day. Even this week i'm more father then a chef, that would not me stop to make something different at home what kids and family would love. Several moths ago I purchased pressure cooker...I'm a big fan ...I think every household should have one of;s fast easy....and the most important is very convenient economical and delicious . Food comes out way better than slowly simmered in a regular pot . Some times when you in a mood for something slow simmered and it is 5 o clock can still put out delicious meal like pot roast or short ribs, stew...etc. on a table by 6 o'clock. I was in a mood for a chicken soup....the other day..Vietnamese food sounded good for me ...had some chicken thighs and whole organic chicken in my freezer...from frozen stage in pressure cooker, that chicken was falling of the bone leaving me with delicious broth, which a turned in to a chicken PHO...and out of thicken thighs I wade outstanding...chicken in caramel sauce...since ingredients like fish sauce , ginger...sugar is always in my pantry...( I will definitely some day will apply this fish sauce caramel technique in to a one of my dishes at Americano )
P.s. Pork fat is in danger. Stop calling this scary VIRUS in a name of the pork or pig, since this delicious animal getting bad reputation and people are to scared to by and eat...pork industry is in danger as well as restaurants serving pork dishes...this Virus..has very little to do with a Pig...and is not getting transferred through the food your reserch..pleaseee!

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George Nemeth said...

I wish my dad made dishes like that!