Thursday, April 9, 2009

Parrot Fish in Shrimp Thai Fun Broth

We got some parrot fish at Americano...we going to run as a special for a couple days while suplys last.... Fish was so fresh , so when I was cleaning it, it smelled like I just came back from a fishing trip and got out of the boat. Inspiration for this dish came from Little wonderful place in Tremont "Thai Fun"...where they have the best thai Food in a City..I was there couple of months ago ...I completle forgot how mush I actualy love thai food...I ask Sunny and Greg where are they getting Kafirr Lime leaves , one of the favorite ingridiants of mine, he siad, my friend ships me from California...he went in a back and brought me full bag of Kafirr lime leaves, thank you guys ..bag this big will go a long way!!!...first inspiration from that place...Parrot Fish in a shrimp Thai Fun Broth...Pearl Couscous...shrimp, shrimp Mouse wonton...coconut milk..snap peas...sweet basil !

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