Monday, April 6, 2009

Perfeckt sunday

It was a good and  long week at Americano....I often get a question from people... do I cook at home ???? Yes, all the time...I often cook food I want to eat, and whatever I'm in a mood for... yesterday I was in a mood for Paella. Perfect meal for a crowd, familly, friends, kids and goes well with beer or good glass of wine... chicken, rice shrimp for everyone. I always make a big batch of spanish sofrito , wich I keep in my when is Paella just a matter of minutes to put everything together...I don't use stock ...I use water...and I think real spanish rice works way better than arborio....I used Bomba this time, but I think my favorite is Valencia...oh...and it was a nice day to do this outside...start the grill too..

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