Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pizza one more time !!!

My pizza gets more and more attention ...good...because thats one of my favorite topicks and things to cook ! Everything matters when making pizza...quality flour..hydration %..olive oil in dough...fermentation time...ball fermentation time...ball time much toping to put ... When it comes to pizza there is no recipe ...there is formula and technique..remember less is more and quality matters... ! At Americano we make bread daily using no knead make my pizza , I use no knead takes time , but very little work. To make my bread or pizza normally it takes two days, You need that long fermentation time to develop natural sweetness and flavor, thats also why quality flour matters.. I use organic or reg King Arthurs unbleached AP flour...I heard that in a west coast ( Gusto brand is a good one )...if you can get your hands on a Caputo Blue pizzeria flour thats even better...many people uses bread or high me...that makes too bread y crust...Im looking ...crisp on a outside ....foldable...and fluffy and airy in a inside...Fresh mozz is must..use not the one is packed in brine..or get some curd and make you own...its worth it ...san marzano Dop tomatoes ...buzzed with hand stick...salt pepper and sicilian oregano or fresh oregano..and good quality imported parmesan or Romano cheese, freshly quality EVOO and fresh basil... I use minimum 1.8 depends in a summer , when is hot I would use even room right now in a winter was about 65 degrees... Makes 4 balls about 8-9 oz each !
3 cups og ubleached King Arthurs Organic or reg flour
1/2 cup fine semolina or also called durum wheat
2 cups water about 75-85 degrees ( room temp )
1 tbsp evoo
1tbsp kosher or 1/2 tbsp fine sea salt
1/8 to 1/2 tsp yeast depending on room temp
I use no knead method just combine everything by hand...cover and ferment at room temp for about 5-6 hours..then place overnight in fridge 12-24 day portion ...and make firm dough balls..8-9 oz each..pace on a cooking sheet ..rub with olive oil...plastic wrap...and ferment for another 6-12 hours or overnight in a fridge.... dough should be very sticky...and its hard, but possible with some experience handle it.... Before bake it pre heat oven to a highest setting 550 , with pizza stone, for and hour...bake for about 4 min..then finish under the broiler with a dour open for another minute or so... at home I bake my pizza on a cleaning cycle ( do that at your own risk ..please )...I pre heat oven 525 for an hour...then crack cleaning cycle..for another 20-30 minutes...that pushes my oven temp to 600-650 degrees..and bake my pizza..takes about 3 minutes... is also important...have 50/50 reg flour and corse semolina mixture...before you shape dough you dip the dough ball in a flour mixture..that helps with sliding from the pizza peel...and when it cooks develops nice outside texture. Good luck...and remember ! To make pizza is fun ! There is nothing more satisfying than properly made pizza...but there nothing worse..than bready...dough wih lots of oil in it or shortening...grease toping ...sugar in a dough and tom sauce... heartburn after .... and feeling full and discussing after you eat a slice.. My favorite pizza in town in at Crostadas pizzeria in Highland heights... I would love to try Pizzaiolo in Pitsburg , A16 in St Fransisco... and Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix ...well maybe some day...for now ...I keep making them at home !
Love to cook Pizza ! V
P.s. here is revolutionary no knead method if you not familiar with it !

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