Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vegan Diet is finally over !

Well, my 30 day vegan diet is finally over, and I just would like to share some thoughts about it. First I don't believe in any kind of diet...its proven by many experts that eating natural whole foods...not processed or prepared in balanced is the best you can do for your self and your family. However , being on a vegan diet for 30 days was a not an easy thing to do, meals had to be well planed in advanced and balanced right, because if you go vegan does not mean that you going to eat pasta beans and rice every day...its vegetarian not "carboterian" .... one week I ting I killed 15 avokados...:)
I must say that this diet gave me more energy, and I felt very good....I did not crave any deserts or pancakes or waffles...most foods I was craving was good burger, pork belly and sushi...ah and chicken wings...I like to eat variety...thats makes me happy eater and happy person. I was reading, somewhere, that , happiness in your everyday life and living stress free is one of the most important things you should do...well....being vegan definitely would not make me happy..but im planning to go vegan every year for a month after new years..as a cook it gave me explore my self in a totally different culinary world...expiriment with different flavors. Specially being from eastern-north europe..we use to meat every day 3 times a day...well that will change. Oh...and if you vegan saty away from those...vegan bacon....vegan cheese slices..ahh and even vegan chicken...heinens grilled vegan chicken...oh boy...all these things..if you crave them you not ment to be vegan. Stay away from them. I will talk vegan with you next year...but right now .....chicken wings are waiting...
p.s. one the hardest things was at work...since Im creating and experimenting with new dishes, flavors every week...was hard not to taste them or eating them..
Remember Balance you diet...meat...fish seafood once or twice a week...dont forget legumes...and daily vegetables..that will make you happy and healthy eater. Oh and stay away from crap...processed or prepared foods...poison like msg and transfats.. thing makes you fat like white flour , Hight fruc corn syrup and sugars...eat at home and restaurant you can trust...
Love to cook ! Peace !

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